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Generate static pages from all Markdown in a folder.

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Quick Start

Create a idoc site using the beautiful defalut theme.

$ npx idoc init myapp


$ sudo npm i idoc -g
$ idoc init myapp

Running the idoc init myapp generator from the command line will create a directory structure with the following elements:

├── docs
│   ├──
│   └──
├── package.json
└── idoc.yml

Command Help

Usage: idoc [init|new][options] [--help|h] [--version|v]


  -v, --version, Show version number
  -h, --help, Displays help information.
  -f, --force, Force file regeneration.
  -d, --dir <dir-path>, Markdown file directory. defalut(docs)
  -o, --output <dir-path>, Output directory. defalut(dist)
  -w, --watch, Watch and compile Markdown files.
  -t, --theme, Customize theme settings. defalut(defalut)


  npm idoc init <folder>
  npm idoc new introduce/
  npm idoc new introduce/ "Hello World" -f
  npm idoc --theme="defalut"
  npm idoc --dir="docs"
  npm idoc --output="dist"
  npm idoc --watch --output="www"


As always, thanks to our amazing contributors!

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Licensed under the MIT License.